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Effective Tips for Protecting Your PC from Malware

Scams are one of the main sources of computer viruses. Scammers are known for sending emails or error messages to people over the website. Most of the computer users have ended up falling into the traps of these people, some of whom demand money to remove the viruses. Many tricks and tips can help you in defeating these scams. The following are the proven ways that can protect your PC from malware and viruses.

Upgrading to Windows 10

windows update

This is one of the simplest maths. The old versions of Windows such as Windows 7, are known for being more vulnerable as compared to the newer versions. The new versions come with security improvements that are capable of updating or removing features which are vulnerable. Individuals who are running the old versions should upgrade to the new ones which are more secure. This will also give you an opportunity of taking advantage of new the improvements and features.

Update Software and Windows

Installing the latest software and updating Windows are highly recommended. Companies such as Microsoft keep on releasing new updates that are less vulnerable to hacking. With Windows 10, these updates can be downloaded and installed automatically. Apart from updating Windows, you should make sure that the software updates are installed periodically.

Using a Free Antivirus Software

Some of the recommended free antivirus programs include Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials. These programs can help you in protecting your computers without paying anything.

Minimizing Downloads

The security settings of your web browser should be capable of detecting unauthorized downloads. For instance, you can use Internet Explorer because it has medium security settings. This is the minimum recommended level of use.

Backing up Your Computer

cloud back up

This is done by backing up information on the computer on a regular basis. This is one of the effective methods of protecting your PC from calamities such as hard drive failure. Anyone who values his/her data should make an effort of backing it up. Some of the backup options that you can make use of include Cloud storage, online backup service, and external hard drive. You can also use services such as Google Drive back up your files continually to the cloud.

Use a Firewall

This is a hardware-based application which is effective in blocking malicious attacks from worms, hackers, malware, viruses, and ransomware. They are blocked from accessing the computer to steal data or any other vital information.…

hard disk drive

Storage Devices Used in Computers

These devices are used for storing instructions and data permanently. They are also known as backing storage devices/auxiliary storage devices/secondary storage devices. They include DVDs, CDs, and hard disks. The storage devices that were used in early 1970 are still being used in the modern day because they were well-designed.

Why Do You Need to Use Secondary Storage Devices?

The following are the main reasons why people use these storage devices:

  • They can be used for storing a large number of instructions and data.
  • Ram (Primary memory) is temporary and volatile.

The following are the main types of auxiliary storage devices that you need to consider for your desktop or laptop computer.

Magnetic Tape

magnetic tape

These are the old storage devices that are made of magnetic materials. They are coated with plastic material. With these devices, information or data is stored in the form of spots (magnetic spots). The data is written and read on the tape using a tape drive. Magnetic disks are one of the sequential access devices, but they are relatively slow as compared to the optical or magnetic disks. These tapes are mainly used in reels that have different lengths including 1200, 600, 200 feet et.c.

DVD Rewritable (DVD-RW)

These disks can be used for writing data many times. The old data can be erased easily to create room or space for new one.

DVD-Recordable (DVD-R)

These are blank CDs that are used for storing data once. The data stored can be accessed easily, but it cannot be erased. They are mainly used for storing video movies. Data is stored on them using DVD writers.



These are the digital video disks which are used for storing information. They have small holes on their surfaces which are created using a laser beam. The tiny holes created are more than those found in the regular CDS. This means that they have a larger storage capacity than CDs. Most of them are pre-recorded, and they contain data such as software, movies, and videos.

CD recordable (CD-R)

They are used for storing data once just like the CD Roms. Initially, they are blank CDs that can be used once by the user. The data written on them can be read as many times as possible. This is the reason why they are referred to as Write Once Read Many. The devices used in storing data on them are known as CD Burners or CD Writers.…